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How global communication technology works

Introducing the DIGITAL's here!

As you may have heard, there's a revolution going on in satellite entertainment...A digital revolution.

We invite you to explore the possibilities...

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satellite in the global world

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How Weather satellites void kind in space

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Why choose Weather satellites?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  If I have a satellite system, will I still get network channels?

ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX channels are available only for homes (1) who cannot receive an acceptable picture from local ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX affiliates via a conventional, outdoor rooftop antenna and (2) which have not subscribed to cable TV in the last 90 days.
NOTE: In our area (Bloomington-Normal, Illinois), local channels can be picked up clearly using a rooftop antenna. The channels received include 19, 25, 31, 43 and 47. (Channels 3 and 12 are also available, but a separate antenna is required. This additional antenna MAY also interfere with the way the signal is combined throughout the house. Please call if you have questions concerning this type of setup.)

Q:  Will my satellite system work on more than one TV?

Your satellite system can be connected to any number of TV's. However, all TV's will watch the same satellite channel UNLESS you implement a rooftop TV antenna. This antenna signal could be combined with the satellite signal and sent throughout the whole house using the existing cable. This would allow any TV to watch the satellite while the other TV's are watching any of the local channels. Additional satellite receivers could also be installed to allow reception of different satellite channels on different TV's at the same time.
NOTE: In our area (Bloomington-Normal, Illinois), local channels can be picked up clearly using a rooftop antenna. The channels received include 19, 25, 31, 43 and 47. (Channels 3 and 12 are also available, but a separate antenna is required. This additional antenna MAY also interfere with the way the signal is combined throughout the house. Please call if you have questions concerning this type of setup.)

Q:  Will my subscription rates continue to increase the same way my cable rates have in the past?

This is HIGHLY unlikely. The mini-dish business is an extremely competitive one. The more subscribers a company has, the less their cost of providing programming per household becomes. Also, raising rates would effectively lower the amount of new subscribers a company might have. This goes against everything satellite companies are trying to achieve. In fact, the trend for the past three years has been for companies to LOWER their programming costs - - not raise them.

Q:  Can I install my system myself?

Yes. Self-installation kits are available, which contain all of the necessary cables, hardware and instructions in order to assist you. However, professional installation is strongly recommended if you are considering combining satellite and antenna signals, or if you are considering multiple satellite receivers

Q:  If I move, can I take my system with me?

Yes. These systems will work anywhere in the continental United States. Superior Satellite will assist you in locating a dealer in that area to reinstall the system for you.

Q:  Will this system work in my RV (Recreational Vehicle)?

Yes. For your convenience, an additional dish can be purchased to use in conjunction with the receiver you currently own. A tripod stand is the most convenient way to temporarily set up your dish at a remote location. This also allows for easy transportation of the dish.

Q:  Will weather affect my satellite signal?

EXTREMELY dense rain clouds can temporarily interfere with the satellite signal reaching your dish. This is a very rare occurrence and typically does not last for more than a few minutes.

Q:  If all my TV's are hooked up to the same receiver, how do I change channels on my system from a remote location? (example: If the receiver is in the living room, how do I change channels in the bedroom?)

Most satellite systems come with an infrared control that will only work within the room where the receiver is located. It is possible to upgrade your system to include a UHF remote control that will work from anywhere in the house (through walls, floors, furniture, pets, children, etc.)

Q:  Can I record satellite channels on my VCR?

Absolutely. In fact, because picture and sound quality on a satellite is perfect, you can MAKE better recordings than you can rent at the video store!

Q:  If I buy a system now, how long until it becomes obsolete and/or unusable?

The primary goal of all mini-dish companies is to keep you as a lifetime customer. All systems made now are designed to keep up with expanding technology well into the next century (Internet capability, electronic mail, etc.) It would be against the best interest of the companies to require you to buy an entirely new system every few years. Keep in mind that the profit for satellite manufacturers is in the programming, NOT in selling.

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