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The stresses of daily life can be tough in us. Our muscles tense up, we stress out, sometimes we just need to get away from it all. Fortunately, there is an extremely pleasant way to soothe oneself into feeling like a new person.

Immerse yourself in a Sonoma Spa for a few minutes of youth-giving hydrotherapy. You'll emerge refreshed, invigorated and renewed. Ready to take on the world again. What a wonderful way to treat yourself. 

Lean back and let the water work its miracles. Multi-level recessed hydrotherapy jets have been strategically placed for total therapeutic response at each seat. The therapy jets in your Sonoma Spa are fully adjustable for direction and flow. If that is not enough versatility, many of the full-size jets in your spa feature a luxury nozzle that lets you switch from an invigorating rotating massage to a high-intensity localized massage. Whisper quiet pumps on all Sonoma models let you choose between high and low speed action.

Sonoma Spas feature an ozone water purification system, which generate ozone, a highly energized oxidizer that helps destroy viruses and bacteria on contact thereby requiring fewer chemicals to keep your water clean.

Every Sonoma Spa comes equipped with a feature packed electronic control system. The Sonoma control system features temperature readout, freeze protection, programmable filtering cycles, automatic shut off on all functions, and light control. Sonoma's model line includes spas with luxury accommodations for up to 8 adults and a variety of seating. Underwater lighting is standard on all models.

Relax and enjoy life in a new Sonoma Spa!

Your Sonoma Spa goes beyond comfort and good looks. It's also the strong, silent type. One reason is the exclusive True Bonding System, which combines an acrylic shell with a three-step lamination bonding process. Sonoma produces one of the most durable hot tubs you'll find on the market. It's one reason why they back their spas with a sever year warranty.

Sonoma's wood cabinets are manufactured from kiln-dried clear Western Red Cedar and stained with an oil based wood sealer and preservative.

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